Oops, WhatsApp did it again


In fact, earlier this week, the Competition Commission of India fined Google Rs 9 bn ($113 mn) for anti-competitive practices, in the second such penalty that has been slapped on the company in less than a span of a week.

The regulator had accused the enterprise of taking advantage of its dominance on the app store to force app makers to use its in-app payment system.

The fact remains that barely a handful of companies today are part of the Big Tech ecosystem and are in charge of the data of billions of people the world over.

And while on the outside, it might appear like most of these services are for free, those in the know of things are aware that if you’re not paying for a commodity, then most likely, you are the commodity.

In the case of Big Tech, subscribers are essentially the wellspring of reams of personal data, which becomes fodder for targeted advertising. And all it takes is a two hour outage to prove how utterly dependent we are on these few companies that dominate the tech world.

The WhatsApp outage is a timely reminder of why it might be necessary to spread out our risks, and encourage more innovation in this sphere for new players to emerge.


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