OOPS! Atharva and Imlie fall together and share a moment; Cheeni feels bad

Imlie 2: OOPS! Atharva and Imlie fall together and share a moment; Cheeni feels bad


MUMBAI: Imlie is one of the most loved and successful shows on television, being among the top 4 shows when it comes to the BARC ratings. The story has taken a major turn with Aryan and Imlie’s death and Imlie season 2 starting.

We saw a huge leap in the show after which Imlie and Cheeni are all grown up.

In the latest episode, we saw Imlie’s mehendi function. Later, Chini and Imlie get overjoyed when Meethi visits the Rathore house. Meethi remembers the bad old memories when she sees Anu there.

Cheeni catches Imlie from falling. Anu blames Cheeni for helping Imlie. Anu explains that if Imlie would have gotten hurt, the wedding would have been postponed and they would have gotten a chance to devise a plan. She asks Cheeni to find another way to create a hindrance.

Cheeni overhears Keya and Akash talking about manipulating Atharva into marrying Imlie. She feels angry and decides to do something to create a problem.

The function begins and Atharva and Imlie dance together. Everyone starts dancing along later on.

Cheeni on the other hand goes into the kitchen and finds spinach paste being made. She decides to switch the mehendi with spinach paste.

Sundar walks in on her doing so, she lies her way out of it by saying she is just adding rose water to the mehendi. She then successfully switches the mehendi with spinach paste.

Atharva then pulls Cheeni away and asks her how she could do something like this. Cheeni assumes he is talking about the mehendi. She says that someone will catch them and he asks if he is doing something wrong. Cheeni then teases him that Rudra will catch them and then he will answer that question. The two share a moment.

On the other hand, Imlie’s mehendi begins and she finds the smell of the mehendi to be weird.

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In the upcoming episode, we will see that Atharva has mehendi on his hand. He bumps into Imlie and the two fall. The two share a moment and later everyone walks in.

Atharva’s hand rubs against Imlie’s in this process and she also gets mehendi on her hand. Arpita teases Imlie that her mehendi is now done and that too by the groom himself. While Imlie blushes, Atharva and Cheeni get upset about it.

Cheeni gets angry and does not like what she sees.

What will happen when everyone comes to know about Cheeni and Atharva? Will Imlie’s heart be broken?

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