MAFS star involved in bizarre altercation with NSW police


Former MAFS star Hayley Vernon has been spotted having a heated exchange with a Sydney police officer.

The OnlyFans creator confused fans when she shared a photo on Instagram showing a cop speaking to her in the rain.

Two photos of Hayley Vernon dealing with police officers

MAFS star Hayley Vernon was spotted having an altercation with NSW police officers. Photo: Supplied

According to a source, the 35-year-old was out partying with fellow porn star Tori Cummings.

“As Hayley left a bar she saw a taxi had been pulled over by the police and she decided to go over and try get in the back of it as she needed a cab,” the onlooker told Yahoo Lifestyle.


The source also said that the police asked Hayley to walk away, but the star decided to dance around their vehicle instead.

“She started twerking on the front of the car as they were asking the driver for his license and details. An officer then took her to the side and had a stern-looking chat with Hayley before she then walked away,” the onlooker revealed.

two photos of Hayley Vernon talking to police officers

The star refused to walk away and chose to twerk on the car instead. Photo: Supplied

The brunette, who was one of Australia’s first reality TV stars to join OnlyFans, recently shared that she’s earned a staggering $1.3 million on the adult subscription-based website.

The star launched her account in August 2020 and went on to win Best Newcomer Female Porn Star at the Adult Industry Choice Awards earlier this year.

Hayley’s racy traffic jam mishap

Hayley is known for her X-rated content, and recently caused a traffic jam while filming a racy video.

L: A man looking in a car. R: Hayley Vernon and Tori Cummings kissing in a car

Hayley recently stopped traffic after filming X-rated content in a car. Photo: Supplied

The star was shooting an explicit scene with playmate Tori Cummings last week when one shocked man stopped in front of their car at a traffic light to watch, blocking them from driving away.

After eventually moving out of the way, the man then chased the side of the vehicle as others looked on in disbelief.

“We didn’t realise anybody could see us because the windows in the back were tinted, but the front windscreen wasn’t,” Hayley said about the incident.

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