Lil James Cries After Seeing Runik Grinding On His Mom: Watch


10-year-old influencer Lil James got a little upset after seeing YouTuber Runik grinding on his twerking mother. In a video posted by Runik, James can be seen running over and pushing the content creator away from his mother. Later, James can be seen wiping tears from his eyes as Runik tries to smooth things over. For his part, Runik appeared to find the whole situation very funny. Check out the full video below.

However, the internet has largely come down in defense of James. “Sh-t ain’t even funny. And you women want Good men and a Man to respect yr a–, but you tossing and twerking your dammm a– all up in the air. Women respect yrself first ok. Men only want to F-ck and talk a good game. Learn that ok and then you will understand it all,” one person wrote on social media. “Girl it’s a time n place for everything plus there is children around act accordingly, added another.

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IShowSpeed Cries After Falling For Cristiano Ronaldo Death Hoax

Of course, Lil James is not the first content creator to be caught crying on camera. Earlier this year, While streaming on August 31, Speed was alerted to the fact that “RIP CR7” was trending on social media. Speed became increasingly distressed as he scrolled through tweets that appeared to suggest that Ronaldo had died. He begins to beg his chat to drop the act and tell him that it’s fake if it is. After counting down from ten and scrolling through Twitter some more, Speed ended the stream.

Unlike James, however, the internet wasn’t as sympathetic to Speed. “He gettin too old/famous to play along with it when his chat does that😭 this exact scenario has gone viral like 8 times since he’s blown up,” one user noted. “Bro is just loud no lie,” another added. However, Speed is no stranger to on-stream meltdowns and many fans just chalked it up to Speed being Speed at the end of the day.

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