Kelsea Ballerini’s Wardrobe Malfunction Is Monsters Inc Deja Vu

Kelsea Ballerini‘s response to her wardrobe malfunction was bootiful!

The country singer, who is in the middle of her Heartfirst tour, was on stage mid-concert in Milwaukee, Wis. when fans noticed there was something off with her outfit. Kelsea asked “What’s wrong?” to which audience members yelled, “There’s a sock!”

Turns out that attached to the “Blindsided” artist’s glittery, gold, fringe jacket was an ankle-length black and gray sock. “I feel like Sully from Monsters Inc.,” she exclaimed to the concertgoers. “There’s a sock on my jacket. Guys, I’m the least cool person you’ve ever seen, but now, now I relate to Monsters Inc.”

As for the scene she’s referring to, a monster comes back from scaring a human with a white sock attached to his fur. 

Posting the relatable moment to Instagram, Kelsea captioned the March 12 video, “you really never know what may happen at these shows,” with text on the video reading, “makes joke through embarrassment.”

But Kelsea took the wardrobe malfunction in stride, not letting it tarnish her mood, coming off her Saturday Night Live performance two night prior. In attendance to support the 29-year-old? Boyfriend Chase Stokes

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