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Countryfile star Julia Bradbury found herself splashed across national headlines in 2010 for the cringeworthy moment when her nipple escaped from her dress in public. The 53-year-old presenter bravely re-shared the embarrassing footage with her 245,000 Instagram followers, as she wished fans a “blunder-free” 2024.

The headline, published in the Daily Sport newspaper more than 13 years ago, read: “‘Julia Raspberry! Countryfile babe’s nipple escapes’. What’s gone wrong in your past that you can laugh about now?” the star asked social media users.

“Well kids, then there was the time I didn’t do up Auntie Amanda’s dress properly on the red carpet… I think Julia Raspberry has a certain ring to it.” She then added as a reminder: “Remember, when things go wrong, one day you’ll be able to look back and laugh…”

The post quickly attracted thousands of likes from those admiring Julia’s ability to poke fun at herself and broach difficult times from her past. Of course, the Countryfile queen has been through far more turbulent times in the years since – undergoing a mastectomy in 2021 after her breast cancer diagnosis – before stripping off on ITV’s The Real Full Monty to raise awareness.

Meanwhile, one fan, @llewelyn6969 praised: “You’ve a perfect outlook on life and great sense of humour – good for you @juliabradbury!” @ruggerbee21977 jokingly chimed in: “That’s when you know you have made it…..when you are the headline news in the Sport! If you can’t look back at life and laugh, then what is the point! Xxxxxxx.”

@ems_666 echoed: “If that’s the only thing they can accuse you of, you’re doing ok.”

Fans discussed Julia’s days as a “pin-up girl” in the comments, while jokes were also made about how the headline was “nipped in the bud”.

The experience encouraged fans to unveil their own equally embarrassing moments, too, with @nicola_b_w reminiscing: “Whilst being chased around the stable yard by the owner’s kids who were having a water fight, I ran past my friend who was selling her pony to a customer.

“They did look a bit shocked as I ran past. It was only when the kids cornered me – one of them said ‘I can see your boobs’, shirt had come open and large boobies out the bra. The 80 year gardener was never the same either!”

Meanwhile @rayallger received a personal response from Julia when he quizzed: “You mean this is the one time the Sport has told the truth?”

Sending a tears of laughter emoji, she assured him: “It did actually happen.”

Over a decade after that embarrassing moment, Julia has chosen to pose topless voluntarily, but with her nipples strategically covered, as a way of saying farewell to her left breast before her mastectomy.

“Goodbye left boob.. I’ve breastfed my children with you, I’ve jumped into the sea with you, I’ve walked thousands of miles with you. And you’ve given me (and some others) pleasure along the way,” she joked at the time, before adding decisively: “Now it’s time to make way for something new.”


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