Jen Selter Starts Twerking And Dancing In Her Dinosaur Bathrobe

Jen Selter Starts Twerking And Dancing In Her Dinosaur Bathrobe

Model Jen Selter is putting on a show in her fan-favorite dinosaur bathrobe!

In a recent Get Ready With Me video, the 29-year-old fitness influencer decided to have some fun, starting off the video with shots of her twerking and dancing around her apartment in her dinosaur bathrobe!

Jen Selter Twerks In Her Dinosaur Bathrobe During #GRWM Video

In another recent Instagram video, Jen started out twerking in her green dinosaur bathrobe and oversized white slippers. After she dances around a little bit, she begins to get dressed in her teal Alo Yoga sports bra and skin-colored thong. After kicking off her slippers and sliding into her high-waisted leggings, Jen completes her look with neon green sneakers.

After flashing the peace sign in her floor-length mirror, she grabs two animal-print dumbbells as she starts walking on her stair climber. She does some leg lifts to work her glutes as she walks, later dropping her dumbbells as she walked with her hands on her waist.

Jen Selter Starts Twerking And Dancing In Her Dinosaur Bathrobe
Instagram | Jen Selter

She later grabbed her dumbbells again for a series of arm exercises, including tricep extensions, bicep curls, and shoulder presses with a crunch. She finished off the video by pulling down the band on her leggings to poke her toned abs.

In the caption, Jen wrote, “#GRWM and let’s get moving!!! You’re only one sweat away from a good mood!! Movement is my mood changer, every time. It doesn’t have to be a crazy gym workout either, just a walk around the block does a world of good.” Fans loved the video, but many missed her dog, Gram, who usually makes an appearance in her videos!

Jen Selter Does A Plank With Gram On Her Back!

In another Instagram post, set to the tune of Cheryl Lynn’s “Got To Be Real,” Jen is lying on her rainbow-hued yoga mat and trying to get some stretching in before Gram crawls on her back and starts eating her hair. Jen slowly lowers her body up into a plank, with Gram staying on her back the entire time. Only when Jen tries to lower herself back down into a push-up does Gram eventually topple off.

“Does my hair taste that good…? Jen asked in the caption as fans gushed over her hilarious video. “Puppy is funny. What a personality,” one fan commented. “Omg this is the cutest thing I’ve ever seen,” another follower wrote. “FINISH HER!!” a third fan joked.

Jen Selter does a plank with Gram on her back
Instagram | Jen Selter

“Gram is always at your hair. You must have amazing organic productions,” another follower wrote. “Gram is such a vibe,” another fan agreed. “Such a beauty,” another follower gushed. “You are just too sweet,” another fan teased. “Too funny though,” another follower wrote while another fan called the video “too cute.”

“Jen! I just want to say that I love you! I’ve followed you for like 10+ years and I love that you are always so honest & confident. You’re such a good role model & you shine for the world! You go superstar!” another follower commented. Jen replied, “Thank you I love you!!”

Jen Teaches Her Fans How To Make A Green Smoothie For St. Patrick’s Day!

Last week, Jen took to Instagram to show her followers how they can make a green smoothie that they can enjoy any time of the year. Jen definitely looks ready for the holiday, with a mint green bra top and high-waisted matching leggings that she covered up with striped shamrock stockings.

She also wore a shamrock headband as she showed her followers how to make the green smoothie, later taking it out onto her balcony to enjoy when she was done. To make her Green “Selter Smoothie,” fans only need a handful of ingredients.

Jen Selter shares a green smoothie recipe for St. Patrick's Day
Instagram | Jen Selter

Jen puts a cup of spinach, a frozen banana, a cup of mango, and a cup of coconut milk, along with an unspecified amount of ice, in her BlendJet and just mixes the whole thing up. One fan commented, “Girl you dump so much stuff around but you’re still awesome. Nice smoothie! I’m gonna try it right away! Happy Saint Patrick’s!”

It seems a lot of fans joked about how messy Jen can be in the kitchen! “Everything is supposed to go inside the blender,” another follower commented. Still, it seems most fans loved the video, with one telling her “You get a 10” for her outfit and another follower calling her “beautiful and cute.”

Interested in more Jen Selter content? In another recent Instagram post, the popular fitness enthusiast flaunted her sunned buns on the beach in a strapless pink tie-dye bikini! Fans can check out those steamy bikini snaps by clicking here!

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