Instagram Done With Noah Cyrus Freeing The Nipple, Deletes Post

Instagram Done With Noah Cyrus Freeing The Nipple, Deletes Post

Miley Cyrus‘ little sister, Noah Cyrus seems all grown up and her recent Instagram posts read like a who’s who of fashion, with plenty of free-the-nipple posts. That said, sometimes what is art for one person is nudity for another and Instagram seems to have censored the 23-year-old, removing her recent posts in which Cyrus stood on the streets of Paris, freeing the nipple in a sheer black dress.

Scroll down for the pics and more of Cyrus flashing her fans!

Noah Cyrus Frees The Nipple For Fashion!

Noah Cyrus frees the nipple on Instagram
Instagram | Noah Cyrus

With bleached eyebrows and an uber-pale skin tone, Noah Cyrus seemed to be living it up at the Paris Fashion Week as she took to the streets wearing Y/Project Fall-Winter 2023 collection. Dressed in an open jacket, Cyrus posed braless showing off the curves of her breasts but keeping the nipple hidden, for this shot at least.

She wore an oversized skirt, unzipped, and it too showed off her black panties as she strutted about in heels and black stockings.

Not everyone seemed on board with the fashion, or the skin show as the comments read:

“Literally don’t understand these ‘Fashion shows’”

“Reminds me of Edward Scissorhands lol.”

“Kind of scares me, had to unfollow until your eyebrows come back lol.”

“She would be good in a vampire movie.”

You can see the rest of the pictures here, and while Instagram may frown upon these, it let the pictures and the post pass, unlike the one it took down.

Instagram Censored Noah Cyrus’s Nipples!

Noah Cyrus flashes nipples on Instagram
Instagram | Noah Cyrus

In a bold move, Noah Cyrus posed against the Eiffel Tower as she rocked a sheer black ensemble that showed off her black underwear. She went braless and posted the pictures as is, unedited, and the nipple show became a bit too much for Instagram although many fans seemed all for it.

While one fan felt these pictures were more art than nudity, for others, the nips were a delight.

This is hardly the only time the “Live or Die” singer decided to free the nipple, as she did something similar for Milan Fashion Week as well. She donned a sheer black net dress and let her breasts hang free, opting only to wear a black thong underneath.

Instagram does not seem to be a big fan as she posted the message IG sent to her in her Instagram Stories where the social media company told her that her post had been removed because it went against its “Community Guidelines on nudity.”

The nudity in question includes female nipples unless used in “the context of breast-feeding, after-birth, health, and acts of protest.”

Instagram deleted Noah Cyrus' nipple flashing post
Instagram | Noah Cyrus

As long as something covered the nips, it was okay, like in this post below!

Not Shy About Flashing Her Fans!

Noah Cyrus flashes her nipples on Instagram
Instagram | Noah Cyrus

While fans seemed to be lamenting the loss of her eyebrows which first seemed bleached but are now shaved, Noah keeps serving them lewks.

Plenty of celebrities sent Noah Cyrus comments and emojis for her nipple-baring post, although not all of her followers were that impressed. Some fans felt she looked like a cross between Marilyn Manson and Madonna, and see none of Miley Cyrus in her, although plenty seemed to be on her side when she first spoke about her anxiety and depression issues.

Noah has been pretty open about her mental health struggles and calls her music her way of coping, as she mentioned on Instagram, “Every day is work, when it comes to your mental health and personal battles. not every day is going to be hell and not every day is going to be perfect. I’m still figuring that out. Thank you for understanding how growing up so publicly was hard on me. Thank you for your support and for continuing to grow with me.”

Perhaps this is one reason why there’s a growing concern for her on her Instagram as her recent fashion and beauty choice have left many flummoxed, in the face of her love for weed. That said; fans are only too happy to support Noah, especially when she thanks them like this, on her 23rd birthday!

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