Influencer Wearing Thong Twerks in Family Pool, Crowd Immediately Gets Furious


There’s nothing wrong with a little twerking every now and then. But if you’re gonna do it while wearing a thong, and next to a swimming pool full of children … well, you’d better be prepared for some serious backlash. And probably rightfully so.

All of it happened at a hotel pool, and was captured on video. In fact, the woman in question wanted it to be recorded on video. After all, why do anything in this world without making it available for the rest of the world to see, right?

But more than a few parents didn’t want their kids witnessing this twerking routine. Frankly, the woman is lucky someone’s mother didn’t her twerking into twitching in pain.

Influencer Wearing Thong Twerks in Family Pool

“We live in such a vain and vulgar, and truly bizarre, time,” one response read.

“I’m actually disturbed at this. There’s a time and place for things and with children around, this act shouldn’t have happened,” wrote another.

A third was even more agitated.

“People who do this around children or in public in general, should be arrested for indecent exposure,” the response read. “This is truly getting disgusting and ridiculous. Have some class.”

But perhaps one commenter summed it up best when she wrote, “Working on their OF content at the kiddie pool…classy. Save the children!”

Twerking in front of kids? In a thong? All for the sake of making a video to post … well, who knows where? Yeah, real classy.


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