I’m an ex-Primark worker – 3 shop secrets which customers would be stunned if they knew – why you never get your size

WE all love a cheeky trip to Primark – but have you ever wondered what it’s like for those working for one of the biggest stores on the high street?

Well, someone who can tell a little about this is former employee Caitlin Sinnett, who took to TikTok to spill the beans about her experience with the job.

The former employee took to TikTok to spill the beans


The former employee took to TikTok to spill the beansCredit: tiktok/Caitlin Sinnett
According to Caitlin, who worked at the store for over two years, staff are just 'pretending' to look for items in the stock room


According to Caitlin, who worked at the store for over two years, staff are just ‘pretending’ to look for items in the stock roomCredit: tiktok/Caitlin Sinnett

The stunner, who worked at the retailer for 2.5 years, revealed several shop secrets you may not be aware of, including why you can never find anything in your size.

According to Caitlin, even if a staff member acts as if they’re busy, chances are they’re not – and it’s why you’ll leave the store with disappointment.

”If we say we’re going to the back to check for a size or a certain item for you, [we’re] probably not.

”We’re probably standing there at the back for a few minutes.”

The stunner, who now dedicates her TikTok page to all things beauty, revealed that sometimes she herself would do that.

The young woman would go to the stock room, ”pretend” she’s looking and then approach the customer with the unfortunate news that the item ”wasn’t in stock”.

She went on in her video: ”We can order things in – but we probably wouldn’t tell you that because we literally cannot be asked to do so.”

The same, she added, goes for calling nearby branches for extra sizes and items.

”We can do it – but we probably won’t offer it.”

Are you looking for a specific item but struggling to spot it? Well, according to Caitlin, you’re better off just continuing the search yourself, as the staff won’t be of much use.

”Don’t ask me were something is – because we probably won’t know because the shop gets moved around like every two days.

”We know just as much as you,” chuckled Caitlin, who also added in a different video that she saw taking loo breaks as a ”reward”.

Sharing the secrets, the ex-employee also revealed how to get a bargain for even cheaper.

”If you want to buy an item but find that it’s damaged, then you can take it to the till and say it to the person that’s serving you, and they will get their supervisor or manager over who will take money off it.

”You get it at a discounted price.”

She added: ”If you do want to keep that item, you can take it back and you can like get your money back from Primark and you can buy it back at a reduced price from them, like say, it was a button missing.”

Do staff get any special deals? According to Caitlin, employees get discount four times a year for four weeks.

”This is normally at spring, summer, autumn and winter – normally before Christmas, which is usually quite good.

”But you can’t get it on sale items. That doesn’t mean it won’t go through the till – that just means that the employee who is serving you needs to see if it’s on sale or not.”

The Sun have reached out to Primark for comment.

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