How Master Chief Twerked With Megan Thee Stallion

MTS Master Chief


When this Master Chief cosplayer walked into the TwitchCon afterparty, he had no idea he was minutes away from making headlines.

Over the weekend, gaming Twitter was only talking about one thing: Megan Thee Stallion twerking with Master Chief at TwitchCon. Given the quality of the costume – and the fact that whoever was in it had some dance moves of their own – it was widely assumed to be a tie-in promotional event from Microsoft. But that was not the case at all. This was a grassroots endeavour, and one that only happened because of a very passionate crowd, and a guy rocking up to a party in full cosplay.

Cristoph Gehering, the owner of California-based business Sinister Propz, was that guy in the Master Chief suit. He reached out to me after I covered his impromptu performance on Saturday, and told me exactly how it all went down. “I was in the costume while at TwitchCon and just decided to head over to the after-party wearing it,” Gehering says, sharing snaps he got of himself all suited up. “Wearing the suit I already stood out in the crowd. Dance circles were forming which I participated in. People would cheer ‘Master Chief’ several times before the show.”


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But the best was yet to come. As Gehering was enjoying all of the attention, Megan Thee Stallion took to the stage. “She played a few songs, and [then] took a break to call on any ‘Hotties’ in the crowd,” he says. “She started pulling up various people on stage. After 30 seconds of this, people around me started chanting ‘Master Chief, Master Chief’. Eventually, what felt like the entire stadium was chanting this.”

Unsurprisingly, this started turning heads. “Megan took notice and when she asked me to come up, I was about 50 feet from the stage. The crowd parted to let me take a very easy stroll to the front.” Likely respecting the fact that Gehering rocked up to the show in full armour, the staff wanted to give him a proper entrance befitting a titan. So he went backstage, preparing to enter from the side. And then we got the moment we all saw on Twitter – Master Chief being brought on stage by Megan Thee Stallion.

“It was completely random,” he says. “I’m just a cosplayer who was at TwitchCon. Nothing was planned at all.” When the song was over, he rejoined the crowd. But now, having just been centre stage at the biggest event of the weekend, there was no way the party could end there. Gehering then went downtown, clubbing until 2am – no small feat after such a busy day.

“Saturday was rough,” he recalls. “I got in the suit at 10:30am, and got out of it around 2am. I ended up at a club for a few hours before I tapped out due to pure exhaustion.” The story all seems too good to be true, but Gehering was able to share a backstage pic he snapped just before he was brought on. I even found one of his fans on Twitter, proudly sharing how they played a part in making it all happen.

Even in the face of exhaustion, it was audience members like this that made it all worth it for Gehering. “I went into the night not expecting much and I think it turned out to be incredible. Sorta became the people’s hero. Walking around in the suit on Sunday, people told me it was the highlight of their weekend. Happy I got to be a part of something this fun. Megan put on a great performance and definitely knows how to please the crowd.”

If you want to check out more snaps from the night, you can head over to Gehering’s Instagram page. There, you can also check out his other costumes and props, all just as detailed and realistic as his Master Chief cosplay that caught Megan’s eye. If you’re lucky, you’ll be able to check out the clip of him twerking on his story before it expires.

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