Honda | Honda’s oops moment, employees told – return the bonus money

ouch-honda-too much-paid-employee-bonus-and-now-wants-it-all-back

ouch-honda-too much-paid-employee-bonus-and-now-wants-it-all-back

New Delhi: Can you imagine the morale of the employees who got a little extra money from the company in the form of bonuses and after a few weeks the company would ask for that money back. Well, you don’t have to imagine that such an incident happened in Ohio, USA, involving a multinational auto giant.

According to the information, Japanese automaker Honda paid more bonuses to its employees at its Marysville, Ohio plant. The factory currently employs 3,900 people and it is not clear how many of them have received the additional bonus.

“Earlier this month, Honda provided bonus payments to its partners, some of whom received higher payments,” said Honda spokesman Chris Abbruzze.

They said it was a sensitive issue and they were swift to resolve the issue, adding: “The issues related to compensation are a sensitive issue…we are working quickly to mitigate the potential impact on our to minimize allies.”

In a memorandum addressed to employees by the company, the company is now asking them to repay the bonus by September 22, otherwise it will be deducted from future paychecks or future bonuses.

According to media reports, some employees have been asked to repay up to eight percent of their bonuses, despite having already spent money on mortgages and groceries.

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