Heelmike Net Worth 2022 – Earnings, Youtube, Streaming Setup


Heelmike is one of the most popular Twitch streamers in the world right now. Here is everything fans need to know about Heelmike including his net worth, earnings, gaming setup, and more.

Heelmike is one of the most popular Fortnite streamers in the world. He rose to fame with Twitch after he became an official partner of the Amazon-owned platform. Over the years, he has accrued a loyal fanbase to his name. Naturally, these fans want to get all possible information about the streamer.


Here is everything that we know about Heelmike’s net worth, gaming setup, and other details about the Twitch celebrity.

Who is Heelmike?

Michael ‘Heelmike’ Peters is a popular Twitch streamer who rose to fame with his Fortnite and Just Chatting streams. The streamer was born in 1994 and is based in America. The 25 year old streamer is quite popular on Twitch and has been streaming since 2015.

Over the years, Heelmike has accrued a solid fanbase on the platform that exceeds the 7.4 million mark. He also manages to amass a massive number of concurrent viewers on his streams and is consistently present among the top 20 viewed streams on Twitch.

Heelmike also boasts of 139K subscribers on his YouTube channel, which is secondary streaming platform.

Heelmike Net Worth and Income

Owing to his great success, it is no surprise that Heelmike earns a significant amount of money every year. Currently, his net worth can be estimated around $4 million.

On a yearly basis, Heelmike might be earning around $1 million. This is including his Twitch earnings, YouTube earnings, as well as his various ads, partnerships and sponsorships. Furthermore, he also has his own brand of merchandise and has a brand endorsement with Sportsbit.

However, fans must bear in mind that this is only an estimate and his actual yearly earnings might differ slightly.

Heelmike Streaming setup

As a professional streamer and gamer, it is obvious that Heelmike has an impressive streaming setup. Fans are always eager to know the details of his streaming setup, so here is a complete breakdown of the same.

  • CPU: AMD RYZEN 2700X
  • Motherboard: ASUS ROG Strix X470-F
  • PSU: EVGA 750
Heelmike net worth
Heelmike streaming setup

As can be seen, Heelmike uses the best equipment for his streaming setup, making the experience smooth for himself and his viewers.

Heelmike has received multiple Twitch bans over the years. The most recent ban can be attributed to a wardrobe malfunction, and he was unbanned after 3 days.

Over the years, Heelmike has made his name in the world of streaming and Fortnite. He is currently one of the leading streamers on Twitch and can only grow from here.

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