‘GTA 6’ fans are losing their entire minds over new trailer and its twerking queen


The highly-anticipated trailer for Grand Theft Auto VI was officially revealed today, sending gamers across the globe into an absolute frenzy. It’s been a decade since Grand Theft Auto V was released in 2013, leaving a lot of time for fans to build up anticipation for the popular franchise’s next instalment. Fortunately, first reactions to the GTA 6 trailer indicate that it’s living up to expectations.

Showing off the series’ first female protagonist Lucia, the GTA 6 trailer indulges in the same hedonistic revelry that players have come to know and love from these games — all dazzlingly depicted with some mighty impressive graphics. There’s fast cars, guns, parties, strippers, crime, social media antics, and at least two alligators in places they should not be.

Basically, the GTA 6 trailer had pretty much everything you could possibly want from a new Grand Theft Auto game, and exactly what you’d expect from Rockstar Games’ exaggerated version of Florida.

The online response has been excited, to say the least.

The GTA 6 trailer also included a carefree woman valiantly twerking on top of a moving car like a knight riding into battle, which quickly captured many viewers’ attention and admiration.

Note: She may look cool, but please do not turn this into a TikTok trend. She is a video game character. You are not.

Grand Theft Auto VI is scheduled to arrive in 2025.


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