Fans Rush to Defend Tiktoker in Jt Baffles’ Charli D’amelio’s “Twerking” Video on Twitter!

Charli D’Amelio’s followers are in an uproar after seeing her twerk at a party in City Girl’s TJ’s video. They were not expecting to see the TikToker dancing sensually.

As soon as the American rapper uploaded the film to her Instagram stories, it went viral. In this photo, the 17-year-old shows off her best dance moves while her sister Dixie watches and cheers from the sidelines.

TJ has posted several more clips from the bash, in which everyone, including Charli and Dixie, can be seen wearing white.

Social Media Is in Shock that It’s Charli D’amelio!

Fans Rush to Defend Tiktoker in Jt Baffles' Charli D'amelio's "Twerking" Video on Twitter!

Many people who have seen TJ’s video have been unable to accept that Charli is the one “twerking” in it. Even though many people are impressed by her incredible dance skills, some have commented on the fact that she is just 17 years old. A devoted follower commented, “like I stated she’s a youngster at a party with nothing but grownups, that odd. Similar sentiments were expressed by one Twitter user who remarked, “y Charli…” In the club, she is not yet 18 years old, ERM.

I refuse to believe Charli just done that,” someone else chimed in. TikTok’s legion of fans backs him up. A lot of Charli’s followers, however, were not ready to let TikToker’s decision to dance in a particular way at a party be the reason for her being criticized. They’ve all noticed Charli wasn’t twerking, as others have pointed out.

When other teenagers her age was also twerking, one Twitter user wondered why Charli was getting so much flak for it. “The only problem is that she’s at the club despite the fact that she’s not even old enough to be there.” And another user commented, “Last thing but whatever Charli was doing shouldn’t be deemed twerking.”

” Yt folks sexualize everything,” one user commented. I don’t see why it’s so surprising that Charli is enjoying herself and breaking a sweat in the club. Prior to recently, twerking was never viewed as a sexual act.

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Beyonce Thought It Might Be the Same Person!

Fans Rush to Defend Tiktoker in Jt Baffles' Charli D'amelio's "Twerking" Video on Twitter!

No One Seems to Know Who Hosted or Where the Party Was Held, but Twitter Is Full of Wild Theories. Reputable Sources Claim that World-Famous Singer Beyonce Was Present at The Fourth of July Celebration. Yet, These Assertions Are Based Solely on Rumors and Social Media Chatter, as No Official Reports Have Been Released.

One Twitter User Expressed Shock at The Thought of “Batavia, Jay Z, Beyoncé, and Charlie Damelio Being at The Same Exact Party yet Being in The Same Neighborhood.” One More Commenter Chimed In, “Nah Cuz What in The Heck Type of Party Was Jt Holding with Beyoncé and Charlie There… and Why the Hell Wasn’t I Invited.” Someone Else Chimed In, “hang on So if It and Charli D’amelio Were at The Same Party and Jt and Beyoncé Were at The Same Party, that Means…”

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