ESPN Apologizes For Airing Clip Of Woman Flashing Her Boobs On Bourbon Street During Sugar Bowl


I mean, what did they expect from Bourbon Street?

ESPN was in New Orleans last night for the Sugar Bowl, which turned out to be a thrilling College Football Playoff matchup between Texas and Washington that saw the Huskies take down the Longhorns and punch their ticket to the team’s first ever national championship appearance.

But while the action on the field was incredible, ESPN’s camera crew also caught some action outside the Caesars Superdome during some footage from Bourbon Street.

Coming out of a commercial, ESPN showed a shot of the famous strip in the French Quarter, and as the camera moved down Bourbon Street, it got a glimpse of a woman participating in the time-honored tradition of flashing her boobs for beads.

It was just a short clip, but honestly, it’s exactly what they should have expected on Bourbon Street. I don’t know if that was a live shot or pre-recorded B-roll footage, but either way, they should have known better.

And after viewers got an eyeful of the nip slip, ESPN was quick to issue an apology for the unintentional breast exposure:

ESPN’s Bill Hofheimer, in a statement to The Associated Press, said:

“We regret that this happened and apologize that the video aired in the telecast.”

No explanation of how it happened? I mean, that’s the one thing that Bourbon Street is most famous for, and somehow you didn’t catch it in your footage?

Either way, viewers were amused by the incident:

That’s New Orleans for you.

(If you’ve come this far looking for the video, here you go. But be warned, it’s obviously not safe for work).


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