ESPN Accidentally Showed A Woman Flashing Her Boobs On Bourbon Street During The Sugar Bowl

How do you not catch that one?

With Texas and Washington matching up in the Sugar Bowl for the College Football Playoffs semifinal, ESPN was in New Orleans for the game at the Caesars Superdome.

Of course that means that also had to capture some of the sites around the Crescent City – except they accidentally caught a sight that probably wasn’t supposed to make it on the air.

While showing some b-roll footage of Bourbon Street, the camera guy caught a woman partaking in the time-honored tradition of…flashing her boobs for beads.

I mean, don’t you expect that in New Orleans and proactively check your footage before it makes it on national television? And if that was a live shot from Bourbon Street…well, that’s even dumber. That’s the one place that you have to have a delay. It’s probably the least family-friendly street in the country. You know exactly what you’re getting (or what you’re looking for) when you walk onto Bourbon.

I just hope her dad isn’t at home somewhere watching the game…

And to make the shot even better, as one lady was floppin’ em out for a 50 cent string of beads, another woman was pushing her baby right in front of the flasher in a stroller.

If that doesn’t sum up Bourbon Street, I don’t know what does.

Of course, eagle-eyed viewers were amused by the only-in-New Orleans nip slip:

God bless New Orleans. Greatest city in the world.

(If you’ve come this far looking for the video, here you go. But be warned, it’s obviously not safe for work).

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