English Dub Review: Remake Our Life! “Consider What You Can Do”

Overview (Spoilers Below):
The second semester short film project is underway, and this time Kawasegawa has joined the housemates on Team Kitayama. Filming proceeds smoothly enough, but her sharp observational skills may stir things up for the other students in a way that could spell trouble.

Our Take:
As we’re all aware at this point, Team Kitayama’s first movie project was only the beginning. After a brief break, Kyoya and his friends set off to work on a new short film for their new semester. Although, their latest project comes with several occasions that worked well in their favor.
Aside from filming at a beach instead of a train station, Kitayama gains extra help from the fine arts club and Eiko Kawasegawa, who recently joined the group thanks to Kano. Additionally, they managed to get the right camera for the project this time. Unfortunately, it isn’t without its share of problems, including Eiko arguing with Tsurayuki about the film’s quality resulting in a slight wardrobe malfunction. However, despite those problems, including Nanako’s acting, the team takes first place for the new semester for its technical aspects.
The rest of the episode sees Kitayama’s celebration cut short when Eiko questions Nanako’s commitment to singing instead of acting, making the latter dejected and depressed. Some of you might call off Eiko for being too demanding or mean towards others, but that’s not entirely the case. Eiko acts like that due to her jealousy towards Nanako throwing her passion for singing away in exchange for her acting, which isn’t as good as her musical talent. Eiko may be overly serious on specific occasions, but the episode shows that she means well in motivating people to make better choices, like how Kyoya encourages others in his own way.
“Consider What You Can Do” is another compelling episode that properly explores the show’s thought-provoking themes amid the filmmaking antics. In this case, the episode represents the value of following one’s true passion. If they’re comfortable doing the one thing they love the most, they got to make the most of it instead of doing something else that makes them less enthusiastic. Nanako tries acting out because she has trouble with her pitches, but as the episode suggested, it didn’t turn out as well as she hoped. Fortunately, thanks to Kyoya’s motivation, Nanako gains enough confidence to continue pursuing her singing career. The show may have intrigued me with its filmmaking discussions, but the drama outside of them is where it truly shines for me.

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