Eagles Lineman Exits Game After Facemask Falls Off


Landon Dickerson is an integral part of the Philadelphia Eagles offensive line. The third year guard out of Alabama made the Pro Bowl last season and has started all 14 games for the Eagles this season. Unfortunately, he had to leave the game on Philly’s first drive of the night against Seattle. Luckily it was just because his facemask fell off.

We have no clue what happened to cause this, but it was actually a very heads up play by Dickerson to get off the field following his wardrobe malfunction. Just a few weeks ago Kyler Gordon of the Chicago Bears was penalized after his facemask broke and he took his helmet off on the field. Football is a complicated sport already and now people are regularly dealing with faulty equipment.

Thanks to Dickerson not getting an unsportsmanlike penalty after someone presumably ripped off his facemask, the Eagles were able to march down the field and score a touchdown on the drive. That’s 15 yards, 75 yards, one touchdown and zero penalties. What more can you ask for? Besides your facemask staying in one piece for an entire game?


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