Did Ryan Gosling’s bizarre Barbie musical number involve a mink coat feud? Greta Gerwig spills the Ken-tastic details

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Greta Gerwig, the director of the Barbie film, provides interesting insights about a bizarre musical number envisioned by the film’s star, Ryan Gosling, in a revelation that brings a bit of whimsy to the world of filmmaking. Gerwig revealed the behind-the-scenes creativity that molded Gosling’s original concept for a dance duet including Barbie’s legendary Ken and a feisty mink coat during a recent interview on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert as per Deadline. 

The dance of the mink: Gosling’s unconventional ballet with faux fur 

Ryan Gosling proposed a dance duet in which he would share the stage with a mink coat in a Ken-tastic twist. Gerwig envisions a captivating dance in which the mink engages in a playful feud with Gosling, alternating between love and conflict. The outlandish notion even contained a dramatic ending in which the mink would triumph, rebirthing Gosling. Although the sequence was removed from the final edit, the director teases practice footage buried away in the vault, providing a look into Gosling’s playful exploration of mink ballet. 

Gerwig reveals the origins of the faux fur coat, noting that the concept arose during brainstorming sessions with Gosling. The flamboyant Sylvester Stallone served as inspiration for the two, who exchanged pictures of the actor while developing the character’s particular look. The faux fur coat, a symbol of both fashion and feistiness, became a humorous element in the story, highlighting the collaborative and innovative spirit of the creative process. 

From rehearsals to the vault: Preserving cinematic creativity 

While Gosling’s mink ballet did not make it into the final Barbie film, Gerwig highlights the value of the creative process. The vault contains a rehearsal video that captures the heart of this eccentric dance, a monument to the openness and genius that defined the filming process as per Deadline. The filmmaker praises the collaborative environment for fostering crazy ideas, even if they didn’t make it to the big screen. 

The Ken-tastic connection: Gosling’s role in Barbie’s creative evolution 

Gerwig discusses the unusual origins of Gosling’s involvement in the Barbie project. When she was writing the script, the filmmaker imagined Gosling in the character of Ken, a decision taken without knowing if the actor would be interested. The ensuing cooperation went smoothly, with both the director and the star adding to the film’s eccentric and inventive landscape. 

Lastly, Ryan Gosling’s mink ballet reveal provides a lovely glimpse into the creative process behind the Barbie film. While the unusual musical performance did not make it to the screen, its presence in the vault attests to the unbounded inventiveness and collaborative spirit that characterized the creation of this Ken-tastic cinematic experience. 

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