Danielle Brooks Averts Red Carpet Mishap, Ascends Stardom


Danielle Brooks Navigates Wardrobe Malfunction while Soaring to New Heights

Actress Danielle Brooks, renowned for her role in the hit series ‘Orange Is The New Black,’ encountered a frightful wardrobe malfunction at the Black Excellence Luncheon. The incident occurred when her corseted dress began to loosen on the scarlet runway. However, displaying quick wit and grace under pressure, Brooks and her stylist retreated to the restroom to rectify the situation, successfully averting an impending exposure incident.

A Superstition Unveiled

In a candid chat with PEOPLE, Brooks divulged a personal superstition – she refrains from placing her handbag on the floor to dodge financial misfortune. Whether she’s backstage or at a luncheon, the 34-year-old actress always prefers a hook, chair, or table for her bag.

Brooks’ Rise to Stardom

Brooks’ enthralling portrayal of Sofia in the musical version of ‘The Color Purple’ has been garnering widespread praise. This acclaim has led to a flurry of red carpet appearances, giving the actress ample opportunities to showcase her fashion prowess. Despite the wardrobe hiccup, Brooks has been shining in the spotlight, gracefully managing the rigors of celebrity life.

Accolades and Nominations

Recently, Brooks’ exceptional talent was recognized at the Palm Springs International Film Festival, where she was honored with the Spotlight Award. This accolade is a testament to her growing stature in the industry. Additionally, she has been nominated for the Best Supporting Actress category at two esteemed award ceremonies – the Golden Globe Awards and the Critics’ Choice Movie Awards.


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