Christina Milian Suffers Wardrobe Malfunction While Swimming

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Christina Milian didn’t take long to have her Instagram fans spotting her wardrobe malfunction as she showed off a freeing underwater swim during her Mexico travels this year. The Netflix star and pop singer enjoyed a luxurious vacation South of the Border in October, and she made sure to share moments from it to her social media.

Posting in video mode and showing off an orange two-piece, Christina stunned fans with a “mermaid” swim as she enjoyed an aquatic workout. The “Dip It Low” singer had, however, appeared to notice the malfunction as she added in edits to stay safe.

Christina Milian Shows Off ‘Mermaid’ Swim In Mexico

Filmed from a massive infinity pool at a swanky resort in Playa Del Carmen, Mexico, Christina highlighted her fit figure in an orange bathing suit.

Diving into the pool and swimming toward the camera, the mom of three showcased her toned legs and arms as she also flaunted a little curve, swimming to the edge of the pool and emerging near a glass panel at one end of it.

Christina looked happy and healthy as she shared her swim, writing: “Infinity pool so good.. got me feeling like a mermaid.”

Suffers Wardrobe Malfunction

The slow-motion swim ended with Christina rising up the surface of the pool. This is where things got a little tricky, although the Beignet Box founder handled it like a pro.

Getting savvy with her technology, Christina inserted to heart emoji around her chest to protect her modesty. Gaining over 200 likes was a fan amusingly writing: “The hearts didn’t help lol.”

“Those hearts were a super fail Ms Milian,” another replied. Throwing in cry-face emoji as they laughed at the whole thing, a further fan wrote: “You tried and failed at censorship and i appreciate the lackluster attempt. 😂😂😂.”

Christina’s vacation also appeared to be a family one. Shortly before her “mermaid” swim share, the Fashion Nova partner posted from a pool and with two females, one of which is her mother.

“Wishing the happiest birthday to our beautiful Mom @mscarmenmilian! Mom!!” she wrote.

“You’re moving into the next decade and somehow you look and act younger every year.. but you still carry the wisdom! You truly live life to the fullest. Your love, energy, joy, and information that you are constantly teaching to not only your kids and grandkids but even strangers are gems to live by and have impacted people in so many positive way,” Milian added.

Christina is followed by over 7 million on Instagram.


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