Chloe Leung Flashes Nipple By Accident During Miss Hong Kong Re-election

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If you thought the 2022 Miss Hong Kong (香港小姐競選) pageant was over, you thought wrong. In fact, you might wanna buckle in for a part two! TVB recently held a re-election for Miss Hong Kong titled “传承·狂欢55:香港小姐再竞选 (Inheritance · Carnival 55: Miss Hong Kong Re-election)”.

The Re-election is mainly geared towards giving former participants a shot at winning the pageant. But, we have to admit, the Re-election might be spicier than the original thanks to former participant Chloe Leung (梁允瑜) flashing her nipples!

Source: Instagram/@cl.chloee

You might remember Chloe from the Miss Hong Kong 2021 competition. Unfortunately, her chance at the pageant finals was jeopardised when her boyfriend released past videos of Chloe. Not only did it paint her in bad light, it made her notorious to many.

Chloe herself admitted that it has been difficult for people to look beyond their bad impression of her. “I hope everyone can get to know the real me by removing these labels,” she stated during her introduction. Regretfully, Chloe’s performance got derailed when her nipples were glimpsed twice during the show.


The 24-year-old supposedly wore a low-cut dress to the pageant, hoping to make an impression. It certainly did, especially when the low-cut exposed the nipple stickers she was wearing. Additionally, her nipples made a reappearance when she was performing a dance in a two-piece outfit. Apparently, her wild movements had caused the padding on her top to shift, showing her left nipple protruding from the thin fabric.

Source: Xuan

Chloe later explained that she had been hoping to do better. “I wanted to show my best side, so I kept dieting and exercising. I lost (a lot of weight) and I had to remember a lot of things before going on stage, so I (got) careless.” she said in an Instagram Story. “I hope (this matter) doesn’t affect the other (participants).

Well, mistakes understandably do happen. It’s simply unfortunate that they occurred during Chloe’s attempt to better her image. We sincerely hope she gets another chance to show her “true self” soon.

Sources: Xuan, ET Today

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