BLACKPINK’s ‘BORN PINK’ Tour Criticized by BLINKs Because of THIS


Embarking their group comeback, BLACKPINK’s ‘BORN PINK’ Tour is highly anticipated by the BLINKs and local and international media outlets. In addition, this world tour allows the quarter girl group to promote their studio album, Born Pink.

As BLACKPINK and YG Entertainment promised to redefine world-class concert performances in this world tour, some BLINKs have divided comments on the girl’s ongoing third concert tour.

What do you think is the aspect that BLINKs criticized? Does it concern the girls’ performance? Stay curious as you scroll through this article.

‘BORN PINK’ Tour Criticized by BLINKS For THIS

In a recent Reddit discussion, a moderator asked the fans’ “honest opinion” about BLACKPINK’s ‘BORN PINK’ Tour. Recently concluding the Seoul, Dallas, and Houston legs, a handful of BLINKs have something to say.


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Upon collecting the comments, it is observed that BLINKs are concerned about the concert’s length and expensive ticket prices. Compared to other K-pop concerts, the average running time of the show, including the VCRs and breaks, is from 2.5 hours to 3 hours.

Unfortunately, ‘BORN PINK’ did not reach this average hour – even though one will count the breaks and interludes in the official running time of a BLACKPINK concert.

Moreover, fans have confessed that since BLACKPINK’s concerts do not abide by the average length, expensive concert tickets are sometimes not justifiable.


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Although BLACKPINK is an enormous name handled by one of the “Big Three” agencies, it is implied why ticket prices skyrocketed to such. But BLINKs believe that the high ticket price would be worth it if the concert exceeded two hours.

According to a report, a BLINK would need at least $150 to attend BLACKPINK’s third world tour. Considering this exceptionally high amount, some BLINKs are disappointed because they expected to get as much concert duration for the money.

Here are some of the fans’ comments:

“It’s true that the concert is shorter than what I’m used to. Considering this has to be the most expensive single ticket I’ve ever spent at $500, I wanted this to be longer.”

“The average k-pop concert is definitely 3 hours (I’ve been to over 30) especially for those prices that is so incredibly short.”

“Oh wow, I would be sad. Been to 3 kpop concerts and they were all 2.5 to 3 hours long.”

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Reports have mentioned that one factor affecting the concert’s duration is the exclusion of some songs from The Album and Born Pink in the performance. Also, some songs that were performed were shortcut versions. 

Upon learning these flaws during the Dallas and Houston concert stops, the fans are appealing to the concert management of BLACKPINK to change or rethink the setlist for the succeeding ‘BORN PINK’ stops. 


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However, BLINKs highlighted that the concert management and BLACKPINK members need to address this critique. 

Per the fans, although the ‘PINK VENOM’ singers do not have direct control over the number of songs to perform, BLINKs still believe their opinions should be considered because they are the performers. 

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On the Bright Side


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Despite the criticism, BLINKs could not help but express their praises to the girls for giving them a night to remember!

Although some fan cams became a hotspot of discussion on whether the ‘PINK VENOM’ singers practiced together for the tour, they could not mask BLACKPINK’s impact on stage.

As BLACKPINK and BLINKs share a night to remember, those who attended the concert expressed gratitude to the girls through various social media posts.

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