BL Drama “I Cannot Reach You” Actor Goes Viral For His Uncanny Resemblance To NCT’s Haechan


They might be long-lost twins!

Netflix and TBS‘s BL (Boy Love) Japanese Drama, I Cannot Reach You, adapted from the manga series Kimi ni wa Todokanai, premiered in September of 2023. Yet, it’s gaining attention due to a viral video as netizens point out the resemblance between a cast member and NCT‘s Haechan!

Longtime friends and total opposites, Yamato and Kakeru are inseparable; when shy Yamato confesses his feelings, everything changes.

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“I Cannot Reach You” poster

An NCTzen (@skzz28 on TikTok) shared clips of the character Hosaka Yui from I Cannot Reach You. He is played by Leo Matsumoto.


THEY ALSO HAVE THE SAME VOICE #haechan #nct127 #jdrama #fyp #bl #kpop #icannotreachyou

♬ Baggy Jeans – NCT U

The NCTzen pointed out similarities between him and Haechan, from appearance to style to mannerisms. They even have similar voices!


Replying to @☆ hwa long lost brother #haechan #icannotreachyou #fyp #nct127 #kpop #jdrama #bl

♬ Baggy Jeans – NCT U

The videos above went viral with 520.4K and 233.7K views, respectively. Netizens agreed that Hosaka radiated Haechan vibes during the entire show. Some even suggested that the actor looks like a mix of Haechan and Mark.


Both Haechan and Leo Matsumoto were also born in 2000! Are we sure they are not long-lost twins?

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