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TV star Gregg Wallace has prompted a viral reaction online after sharing his Saturday routine. The BBC MasterChef presenter opened up about what he gets up to on a typical Saturday, including an extremely early wake-up time.

The 59-year-old opened up about his dramatic 5-stone weight loss and gym regime, which he previously said was down to ditching “snacks, ultra-processed foods and takeaways.” However, readers were thrown by his strange routine which starts at 5am, followed by coffee and checking emails.

In a column for the Telegraph Magazine, Gregg shared that he doesn’t do lie-ins and instead gets to the gym for 7am. He then persuades the staff to open his local gym half an hour earlier for him, so that he can enjoy the sauna and swim by himself.

During his workout routine, Gregg admitted: “Then I’ll review my to-do list while walking on a treadmill, no sweating. I aim for 50,000 steps a week – I do about 7,000 a day.

“I’m now 12 stone (having lost five stone) and I have less than 18 per cent body fat and a six-pack, but I have a belly that bloats.”

Many readers couldn’t help but poke fun at the TV star, with many exclaiming that they thought his routine was a “parody.” One person said on X: “If I was Gregg Wallace I wouldn’t even admit those things under interrogation, what the hell.” (sic)

A second commented: “Imagine being that person at the gym who has to get there half an hour early so Gregg Wallace can have a solitary swim, or his PA that has to go to Harvester every Saturday morning and watch him eat his bacon and eggs.” (sic)

A third typed: “The most annoying thing about that #GreggWallace interview is discovering I weigh more than he does,” as another chimed in: “Lot of people mocking Gregg Wallace, but huge respect for a man who goes for breakfast* at 10.30 and returns home for lunch at noon.” (sic)

Gregg also mentioned that after having breakfast at 10.30am, he goes home to his wife for lunch at 12pm. He then schedules time with his son, who is autistic and non-verbal.

He wrote: “I’m a much better father now I’m older, although another child isn’t something that I would have chosen at my age. I was always very honest with Anna, but it’s what she wanted and I love her. I just requested two things – that we had help in the house (so her mum moved in), and secondly that we had at least one week a year when we holidayed just the two of us.”

Gregg then spends two hours playing video games before going to bed at 8pm and reading a book. He concluded that he goes to sleep at 9pm. He has fronted MasterChef since 2005 and is one of the most recognised TV chefs in the UK.

You can read the full article about Gregg’s routine here. 

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