Ari Fletcher Had A White Girl ‘Fighting For Her Life’ In Twerk-Off

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The internet was wilding after Hollywood Unlocked shared a video of Ari Fletcher twerking bum to bum with a white girl at a club.

The 28-year-old reality star and her squad were outside this week celebrating with private jets, luxurious dinners and a trip to the club. Ari’s Instagram Story chronologically displayed the group’s activities, including their turning up at the club with white girls.

In a clip circulating the internet, Ari dribbled her clappas to Drake’s “Rich Baby Daddy” like she was LeBron James.

But viewers couldn’t unsee the white girl struggling to match the reality star’s twerking energy as she had her buttocks backed against Ari’s.

What an honor!

Hollywood Unlocked’s commenters did their thing and didn’t disappoint, going off about Ari nearly knocking Becky with the blonde hair down.

“One side brought a whole lotta booty…one side brought a whole lotta heart.”

“I like her for having the confidence to shake a tail feather.”

“Ari bouncing that thang off that girl like dodge balls.”

“She was holding up the best way she could.”

“Home girl said she stand on little butt business. She ain’t back down.”

“It was her friends hyping her. She was not backing down!”

“She was fighting for her life!”

“Ari, about to knock that poor lady over.”

“Ari taking her for a ride. She holding on.”

“Yt girl get an E for effort…at least she got out there and stood in the paint, but we know who won.”

“That white girl ain’t movin’ shit but that back.”

“Her poor bones. I know her back broke for real.”

Other commenters mentioned Ari’s friend’s voice behind the camera, high-fiving God at the octave they were singing.

“The real winner was the Soprano recording the shot.”

“Sound like Plies was recording.”

“Why is Elmo recording this?”

“Her friend must be the gingerbread man? (from Shrek).”

The Impact: Atlanta star is well aware of how much cake she carries, and they’ve baffled many of her viewers, stirring BBL rumors.

But the 28-year-old chica maintained her rump was real and revealed the struggles that came with it.

“I don’t like to lay on my stomach because my butt shifts on my back, and it’s really heavy,” Ari said. “It’s pushing up on my back, so when I try to get up like that, the low part between your butt and your back, it be in a lot of pain.”

Ari added, “And the fact that I’m really carrying around all this ass on a daily basis, it’s really starting to concern me because I don’t want to be old with back problems because I have a big butt.”

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