Anthony Davis hilariously plays with gaping hole in his shorts

Anthony Davis, Lakers


Los Angeles Lakers star Anthony Davis is a man of many talents. Sure, he’s often injured, and his shooting numbers have declined over the past two seasons. But his defense still remains top notch, both on the perimeter and at the rim. However, when it comes to all things sewing and stitching, the last guy you’d want to call is AD.

During the Lakers’ preseason tilt against the Minnesota Timberwolves, Anthony Davis drew the eyes of many due to a hilarious reason. During the first quarter of their game, Davis checked back into the court with a huge hole ripped on the backside of his shorts around the gluteus maximus area. (Yes, I have to use the clinical term for sanitary purposes.)

Per Dave McMenamin:

The wardrobe malfunction even caught the attention of ESPN commentators Dave Pasch and Richard Jefferson, and what ensued between them is a comically awkward exchange, hesitant to talk about and show Anthony Davis’ gaffe on national television.

“And he’s got a little rip in his shorts on the underside… I don’t… are we…” Jefferson came to a pause.

“Are you saying you want somebody to show it?” Pasch asked.

“No, no, no, I don’t want anybody to show it,” Jefferson replied, falling short of bursting into laughter.

“How did you notice that?” Pasch continued his amusing interrogation of Jefferson, all the while Jefferson was snickering, clearly trying his best to hold back due to the constraints placed by national TV rules. “[…] But now that you pointed it out… [the hole on Davis’ shorts was] on the left buttocks.”

This is not Davis’ first rodeo with a viral, if not ridiculous, incident involving his buttocks. In the past, a video of Davis’ backside getting smacked inside the Kentucky locker room made the rounds on the Internet, which has then become a meme ever since. In fact, AD was asked to explain the incident in a Reddit AMA (Ask Me Anything), in addition to other queries that may have crossed a line.

While this is a funny sideshow, all Lakers fans would be thinking about is how happy they are to see Anthony Davis on the court and playing again. They will take gaffes like these all day long as long as AD gets to suit up on a consistent basis.

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