Amanda Holden, 51, stuns as she exposes too much in video ‘Was the nip slip a paid extra?’ | Celebrity News | Showbiz & TV


Amanda Holden, 51, accidentally flashed her nipple as she quickly stripped off her dressing gown in a new Instagram video.

The Britain’s Got Talent star took to the social media platform last night with an ad for Charles Worthington’s ColourPlex Toning Ultra Violet Shampoo, in which she was clad in just a dressing gown and still sporting wet hair.

The Heart FM host then began taking off the garment before cutting to a new frame of her fully dressed in a glamorous baroque gown and full makeup.

However, just before the frames change, the TV star could be seen suffering a nip slip, accidentally flashing her 1.8 million followers.

Fans soon noticed the blunder, with Instagram user Bartysnapper pointing out: “That was a naughty tease!”

Jake.p90 added: “Blimey was the nip slip a paid extra.”


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