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Janhvi Kapoor 5 Oops Moments: Janhvi Kapoor is someone who wows fans not only with her fashion sense, but also with her statements and love interest! She sometimes makes headlines with her sportswear look, sometimes with a simple salwar suit, and sometimes with a bold cocktail look and gown. Meanwhile, Janhvi is always a person in the limelight and despite always having a team behind her and supporting her, there are times when there will be an ‘oops’ moment during her upcoming talk in Bollywood that is unfortunately caught on camera. well. Let’s take a look at Janhvi Kapoor’s 5 Oops Moments, wardrobe malfunctions and embarrassing moments.

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1. Strange facial expressions caught on camera

There was a time when Yanbi was spotted wearing a light green sari and a white printed blouse during her ‘Millie’ activities. However, during her walk, her actress did not notice the tree leaf right in front of her and punched her in the face. As her leaf touches her face, she quickly backs away and starts walking in the other direction. Her strange expression was even more caught on camera.

2. The wind blows Zhanbi’s dress

As Janhvi was about to sit in her car, she interacted with the media for a few minutes, when a strong wind blew Janhvi’s short dress and this was further caught on camera. When her dress starts flowing, she grabs hold of it and avoids further embarrassment.

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3. Forgetting to take off the price tag

A few months ago, Janhvi was spotted wearing a beautiful yellow suit. However, things got a little weird when people noticed the price tag, and Oops Moment!

4. Unbuttoned shirts lead to trolling.

Janhvi was spotted wearing a basic white shirt, jeans and white sneakers. However, what was caught on her camera was part of her shirt coming undone, and people couldn’t help but notice that, and even more, they started trolling her!

5. Did you try to fall?

We all know that Janhvi is a fitness enthusiast and has always demonstrated her love for Pilates and cycling. Not too long ago, Janhvi was spotted going for a ride on her bike, flaunting her perfect workout outfit. However, when she tried to sit on her bike, she was somewhat off balance and was on the verge of falling.

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