5 Of The Worst Possible Dishes To Bring To A Super Bowl Watch Party

Super Bowl watch parties are as much about the food as they are about the game. While classics like wings, pizza, and nachos are always a hit, some dishes could earn you a penalty flag from your fellow fans. Here are five of the worst possible dishes you could bring to a Super Bowl watch party, guaranteed to get you sidelined.

Durian Fruit Platter

Known as the “king of fruits,” durian has a notoriously strong odor that’s often compared to rotten onions or gym socks. While it’s a delicacy in some parts of the world, its pungent smell could clear out your party faster than a halftime show wardrobe malfunction. Best leave this fruit off the menu unless you’re watching the game in a well-ventilated area or alone.

Century Eggs

These preserved eggs, a delicacy in China, are another acquired taste that might not sit well with the Super Bowl crowd. Their dark green yolk and brownish-black “white” can be off-putting to the uninitiated. Unless your watch party is specifically themed around adventurous eating, you might want to stick to more traditional egg dishes.

Liver and Onions

While liver and onions is a classic dish in many households, its strong flavor and the fact that not everyone appreciates organ meats make it a risky choice for a Super Bowl party. The Super Bowl is all about crowd-pleasers, and liver and onions might just be too divisive to score any points with your guests.

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Tofu Salad

While vegetarians and vegans might appreciate the option, a plain tofu salad might not win over the meat-loving football crowd. If you’re aiming for a plant-based option, spice it up with some bold flavors or opt for a more universally loved dish like buffalo cauliflower wings or a hearty bean chili.

Unseasoned Boiled Vegetables

Health is important, but a Super Bowl party is perhaps not the best time to remind everyone about their daily vegetable intake. Unseasoned, boiled vegetables can be bland and unappetizing, especially next to more flavorful party foods. If you’re bringing a veggie dish, consider roasting them with some tasty spices or preparing a colorful, zesty salad instead.

Don’t Be The Killjoy

Bringing any of these dishes to a Super Bowl watch party might not get you the MVP award you’re hoping for. Remember, the goal is to bring people together for a good time—and that includes serving up some delicious, crowd-pleasing eats. Stick to the classics or get creative with dishes that have broad appeal to ensure your culinary contribution is a touchdown.

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